Horse Osteopathy

Parietal Osteopathy

Parietal osteopathy and physiotherapy directly support the horse's musculoskeletal system. Musculature and fascia can be brought into balance of stability and mobility, joints mobilized and tissue lesions released.


Neuro-osteopathy addresses both the peripheral and central nervous system of the horse, with the cranial nerves as well as the spinal cord playing a central role. Metabolism and hormonal system are directly influenced by the autonomic nervous system and can be treated neuro-osteopathically.

Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy focuses on the internal organs and their surrounding structures. Due to inflammation, scars or tension, the organs‘ own movements can be impaired, leading to a variety of problems such as recurrent colic, shortness of breath, etc. 

Craniosacral Therapy

The individual cranio-sacral rhythm results from the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid and continues through all body cells to the periphery of the horse. Disturbances of this rhythm can be caused by physical and psychological trauma and result in multi-layered blockages, especially in the cranial and dorsal or pelvic regions. Cranio-sacral therapy helps to find and stabilize the healthy cranio-sacral rhythm.

Medical Taping

Medical-functional tapes are mainly used during work with the horse, but sometimes they are therapeutically useful for a longer period of time. Tapes basically follow muscle or nerve courses and act on the superficial fascia. They are used for edema, to improve lymph and blood circulation, for muscle tension or weakness, and for (under)support of ligaments, tendons and fascia. If it makes sense to apply the tapes recurrently while working with the horse, I am happy to assist in learning individual tape applications.


I am happy to pass on my knowledge in seminars and lectures, whether online, at my facility or at your place. Depending on the field of participants, I prepare the content according to the level of knowledge and individually, so that even horse owners without prior medical knowledge can follow. Often the theory can be supplemented with practical exercises. If you are interested in a particular topic, please feel free to contact me to determine the date, scope and conditions.