Clinics and Intensive Days

On a clinic, concentrated knowledge is imparted in a weekend in a pleasant learning atmosphere among like-minded people.


The intensive days are a good way to climb a bigger rung on the training ladder. Sometimes one teaching unit is not enough to consolidate complex training content sufficiently to be able to implement it on your own. That's why we have the intensive days, whose name says it all. Intensive learning and reflection!


I am also happy to organize courses or intensive days at your stable.

Rates for self-organizationed clinics and intensive days:


1 day (max. 12 teaching units à 30 minutes) incl. 1 theory lecture lump sum € 880,00

1,5 days (max. 18 teaching units à 30 minutes) incl. 2 theory lectures lump sum € 1.320,00

per additional day (max. 12 teaching units) incl. 1 theory lecture € 750,00

per additional day (max. 12 teaching units) without theory lecture € 650,00


In each case depending on distance plus travel expenses. Costs for lunch, use of facilities and horse accommodation are not included in the prices for external courses and intensive days.

Theory Lectures

You can also learn without having a horse with you! My theory lectures go into detail without losing sight of the big picture.


Theory lectures are always part of weekend courses, so that even participants without a horse can go home with new knowledge.


I also offer pure theory events, whether as a classroom event or on the Internet.