Acupuncture for Horses

TCM Acupuncture

Acupuncture harmonizes body and mind by regulating energetic imbalances, which after a certain time express themselves in illness. It takes into account not only the body itself, but also its environment and the resulting influences. Thus, the aim is to prevent illness from occurring in the first place, but to keep body and mind in balance.

AOE for Horses

The acupuncture-oriented energy work according to Dr. Christian Torp can be used preventively, but also for chronic diseases. It can also help with unclear diagnoses such as general rideability problems or behavioral problems that never occur without a reason. Even if no cause can be found objectively, a disturbance of the energetic balance should always be considered. Releasing energetic blockages can also eliminate functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, organs and other areas of the body that recur despite osteopathic treatments.

AOE for Humans

In order to establish the energetic balance of a horse, it sometimes makes sense to apply acupuncture-oriented energy work to its human, after all, horse and human are often in close relationship with each other and influence each other accordingly extensively. By the way, the human being does something good for himself and literally feels better in his skin.