Welcome to Kingsmoor Manor!

I - Tanja Friedburg - am an equine therapist and trainer and see myself as an ambassador for horses. 


I follow a holistic approach. My work does not only include the treatment of a specific problematic situation, but continuously accompanies the life of the horse and its human. I do not only focus on diseases or body parts, but in my treatments and training I take into account the whole system inside and outside the body and furthermore the dynamics and relationship between horse and human, in order to be able to facilitate self-healing on a deep level. The goal is both the physical and mental health of the horse, which is often directly related to its environment and also its human companion.


My aim is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit of both horse and human. 


My therapeutic work combines osteopathy with energetic work and can thus be called energetic osteopathy. order In order to achieve the best treatment results I integrate animal communication and here especially body scanning.


As a trainer, it is important to me to teach according to biomechanical principles, taking into account the biotensegrity of two bodies moving together. This and the work with the mind, which includes the communication between human and horse, are the foundations for a healthy musculoskeletal system until old age and a sustainable and cooperative relationship between human and horse. The basis for this relationship is the balance between spirit and doing.


In the course of my journey with horses since 1982, I have moved from part-time work to my calling. From this came Kingsmoor Manor in 2011, the farm where I live with my animal and human family.


Kingsmoor Manor regularly hosts seminars and intensive learning days or weeks. My vision was to create a feel-good place where loving acceptance can go hand in hand with continuing learning. I am very grateful that this vision has become reality.


Below I have listed my qualifications for a professional overview:


2018 Squire Test and Acceptance into the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding

2018 Osteopathic Horse Therapist according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2018 Trigger Point Massage according to Jack Meagher, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2018 Whole Horse Dissection Clinic by Dr. Ivana Ruddock/Equine Touch Foundation

2018 Medically Functional Horse Taping, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2019 Masterson Method® Online Course and practical basic course by Lucie Klaassen

2019 Whole Horse Dissection Clinic by Dr. Ivana Ruddock/Equine Touch Foundation

2019 Craniosacral Horse Therapy basic and advanced course, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2020 Basics of orthomolecular horse feeding and blood count interpretation by Mineralien in Balance®

2020 Osteopathic Masterclass “Visceral Osteopathy”, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2020 Basic and advanced course animal communication by Fine Senses

2021 Licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer

2021 Further education in interoception and stabilization training for the rider, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2021 Training as an animal communicator by Fine Senses

2021 Basic course Pranic Healing according to Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui by Annekatrin Brodersen

2022 Acupuncture for horses, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®

2022 Acupuncture-oriented energy work on the horse by Dr. Christian Torp

2022 Acupuncture-oriented energy work on humans by Dr. Christian Torp

2022 Further education in neuro-osteopathy, School for Horse Osteopathy according to Barbara Welter-Böller®


Our knowledge can never be comprehensive enough, so learning never stops. This is the basis for me to be able to help in the best possible way, whether therapy or training. Both do not exist side by side but together and form the foundation for a healthy body and mind.


To put yourself in the hands of another person means to trust. This is true for humans and animals. I am aware of this responsibility, which is why I am constantly expanding my knowledge so that I can apply it and pass it on. As a trainer and osteopath I feel a moral obligation to do so. 


I want to help horses and make their people a little bit happier. 

I want to help people understand their horses better. 

I want to make people and horses sparkle.


If I can do this for you and your horse, I would be happy to hear from you!

Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup®

The Academic Art of Riding uses dressage for the horse and not the horse for dressage. It is about training the horse so that it can be ridden from the seat alone, without physical or psychological damage. On the contrary, the horse's mind is always taken into consideration and its training often precedes the physical training or both go hand in hand. The horse should be enabled to carry a rider. Knowledge of biomechanics and biotensigrity serve as a basis for this, because the horse is not born as a riding animal by nature. Thorough preparation is required to avoid damage to the horse's musculoskeletal system and mind. This is why you so often see "Academics" working with their horses from the ground. Speaking of which, you don't have to have studied to take lessons in Academic Art of Riding. It is open to any person and also to any horse, whether it is a warmblood, a pony, a coldblood ... What is needed, however, is the ability to self-reflect, the will to learn to train one's own horse, and patience to understand the complexity of the art of riding.

Horse Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy

Osteopathy aims to improve the self-regulation of the body and thus bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. Therefore it is an essential part of my work. It includes the holistic search for the cause of a problem and the solution of physical blockages both in the area of the skeletal system, the individual joints, muscles, fasciae, tendons and ligaments as well as in deep-seated structures such as organs or nerves. The aim is to harmonize the nervous systems and even each individual cell of the body so that life energy can flow freely again. In the physiotherapeutic field, mechanical aids such as physiotapes, heat applications or massage tools are also used. 


I am a member of the German Society for Osteopathic Equine Therapy® e.V. and of course take part in professional exchange and further training on an ongoing basis in order to be able to treat my patient horses in the best possible way.

Acupuncture for Horses

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has been used successfully for over 5,000 years. TCM is a preventive system of medicine, so it is also used before an illness has even developed. In this way, disorders are treated causally and, in the best case, further illness is prevented. In traditional acupuncture, special acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points on the skin. The stimulation of these so-called acupuncture points, which are located at nerve passage points of the fasciae lying under the skin, restores the energy flow within the body meridians. Moxa cigars made from mugwort can be used for further energization. For horses that do not tolerate needles, non-invasive laser acupuncture is recommended.


Based on TCM acupuncture, first single-needle therapy and subsequently acupuncture-oriented energy work (AOE) according to Dr. Christian Torp was developed. The aim of AOE is to remove blockages that disturb the free flow of Qi (translated into Western terms: life energy) at various levels. AOE integrates elements from acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, kinesiology and quantum medicine, among others, and has as its goal the establishment of harmony and thus health of body, mind and spirit.

Animal Communication

With animals, in addition to physical and vocal signals, we can also communicate on a telepathic level. Telepathic animal communication helps to better understand one's own horse and its behavior and thus significantly strengthens the relationship with the horse. It can also provide answers to many questions, such as whether the equipment fits, whether the horse is coping with its daily routine, or simply how it is doing or whether it wants something special. With the Bodyscan painful body areas can be felt, in addition, mental traumata can be dissolved animal-communicatively.


For the animal it must be an indescribable feeling to be understood and perceived with all worries, needs and also joys in a world otherwise speaking foreign languages for the animal. Most animals quickly learn to communicate with humans on a physical level in everyday life. However, telepathic communication takes place on a completely different level and leaves much more room for honest emotions.

Holistic Hemogram Screening

The health of our horses is close to our hearts. Often we can already recognize from the external appearance that there is an imbalance in the organism. The coat and skin condition, the eyes, the digestion, but also the behavior of the horse and its vitality allow conclusions about its health condition. If one would like to know more exactly, the request of a hemogram, thus a blood picture, offers itself by the veterinary. I am happy to help with the further analysis of the laboratory values, put the individual parameters in relation to each other, make suggestions from the phytotherapeutic field and explain in what proportion mineralization and vitaminization should be carried out in order to restore a healthy balance.

Applications for Horse Owners

In order to establish the energetic balance of a horse, it is sometimes useful to also include its humans, after all, horse and human are often in close relationship with each other and influence each other accordingly extensively. For this purpose, I offer applications in the sense of acupuncture-oriented energy work and prana healing for humans as well. By the way, humans do something good for themselves and literally feel better in their skin.